The mission of the Information Technology Department in T or C Schools is to provide prompt and courteous service to staff, administration, and students in supporting the Information and Communication Technology needs of instruction, learning, and business.

Welcome to the T or C Schools' Information Technology (IT) Department. Our department is responsible for all the computers, laptops, telephones, software, email, websites, and network devices in T or C Schools. We have over 2,000 computers and 121 network printers for staff and students. After we get digital projectors mounted in every classroom we plan acquiring more interactive whiteboards.

We have implemented security on our wireless network. This means that devices that are not district property will not be allowed to connect to the wireless network. All student laptops that are part of NMLLI will be able to connect.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me.

Mike Torres

(575) 894-8167

The FTC has a booklet about ways parents can help their children and teens use the Internet safely.  It is available free for download.

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